In Loving Memory of Michael Channer

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"Very sorry for your loss"
by Greg & Tracy Locke

16 Sept 2004

Tracy and I are very sad about Micheal's tragedy. We didn't know him, but we knew of him from his close friendship, as well as yours, with Janine & Peter, Hilary and Patrick.

We are thinking of you in this difficult time. We are very sorry for your loss.


Greg & Tracy Locke
Toronto, Canada

"Smiling face in hills of Kandy"
by Heather & Peter

16 Sept 2004

Our thoughts are with both of you. I only met Mike a very few times but he is forever a laughing memory from my visit to your home in Sri Lanka oh so many years ago. There was this lovely young boy who had the nerve to beat me, repeatedly, at cards. Such confidence! We can only think of how wonderful to have had such a textured and global life - and to be surrounded by love unending. Dear friends, hold fast.

Heather & Peter
Almonte, Ontario

"Mike's stay in London"
by Helen Palmer

16 Sept 2004

Mike's my cousin, and as we were growing up in Britain, and Mike in Canada, we didn't spend that much time together, but there were always photos of him on the kitchen noticeboard, most of them with a plane in the background.

Mike stayed with us in London last year, as he passed through on his way to Africa. It was one of the few times that I got to catch up with him and understand who he was and what he was doing and why. I emailed Gerry & Sharon after Mike had left, here's part of that email...

"You guys must be so proud of Mike and I'm sure you'll miss him loads...He cooked us a meal on Thursday(I say cooked, assembled from a packet more like !!) and we had a chance to catch up properly and then go to the pub for last orders. Mike seems so clear and focussed on what he wants to do and it was great getting to know him properly!"

Mike's family and friends are very much in my mind at the moment.

Helen Palmer
London, England

"Sincere condolences on your loss"
by Anonymous

15 Sept 2004

As an avid fan of your travelogue, I wish to express my deepest sorrow for your loss.

Hopefully, you will be able to get through this difficult moment and resume your trip in the future.


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